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Global Innovators Network

Global Innovators Network

We are a global network of leaders from academia, industry, government, NGOs, philanthropy, and faith-based organizations who are collaborating on best practices in leadership of innovation. Spawned to meet the global needs of innovators in healthcare and patient safety, our work has expanded to multiple sectors with a focus on mentorship and development of great leaders. There is no specific commercial purpose of this website and no required financial relationship between the collaborators. The information available through this website is entirely free.
Global Patient Safety Forum

The GPSF is a convening alliance with a mission to save lives, save money, and build value in the community it serves.  The Forum was expressly founded to make available important content that the collaborators want to share more broadly. This website is not intended to compete with any other initiative and will meet its objectives if collaborators and those interested in the topics share the information with their communities. There is no financial requirement of users of the site.

"We will measure our success by how we protect and enrich the lives of families."

CareUniversity CareU was developed in response to enormous unmet needs expressed by families and professional caregivers. Not a college or university, it partners with higher education institutions to deliver knowledge that can earn course credit and certificates of completion as well as novel incentives for consumers.

High Impact Care Hazards: There are certain conditions that are frequent and severe that can be prevented by new consumers and caregiver behaviors. We call these conditions that can threaten the physical and financial health of everyone "high impact care hazards".
Lifeline Behaviors: The new behaviors that can protect us, we call "lifeline behaviors". They can be taught online, in groups, and in many new ways such as over mobile phones. CareUniversity connects people to great resources and does not compete with medical, nursing, and pharmacy schools. It compliments their curricula with practical concepts, tools, and resources.

Competency Currency: It is critical that the competency of new lifeline behaviors or skills be maintained. So for certain courses and programs, CareU has modeled its program of re-certification of competencies after the aviation industry.
More than 70% of healthcare decisions are made by women in our communities. More than 90 million Americans are a caregiver of someone else and two thirds of the caregivers are women. This pattern is very similar across the world regardless of the income status and seen in low income, emerging, and industrialized nations.

Although much fewer in number as a community force, there are many CareDads who are taking the lead fortheir families health and well-being and there are many coaches and mentors who are also looking out for our nation's children. There are many sons, daughters, and other family members taking care of their parents as well.
The CareMoms program and training through CareUniversity have been designed to support a grassroots effort to engage our community CFOs – Chief Family Officers – to prevent healthcare accidents in their families. CareMoms can help them rally and support their local hospitals to win the war on healthcare harm and prevent common healthcare accidents in certain very common "High Impact Care Conditions" in acute care, chronic care, and preventive care.
CareKids is a is an initiative of CareUniversity that leverages the enormous innovation talent of the truly first native digital generation. In collaboration with the Conrad Foundation that was established in honor of Pete Conrad, the third man to walk on the moon.

Children from grade school through young adults in college will compete to develop new innovations in nutrition, health, and wellness that will protect and enrich the lives of families.
Numerous industry studies both private and public have shown that the behavior of families can be impacted through the eyes and voices of the children. Their fresh perspective on how to impact childhood nutrition, health, and wellness through innovation can have terrific impact on the products, services, and technologies we may use in the future. Served by multi-generational innovation panels of children, young adults, industry leaders, seasoned innovators, and academics; the CareKids program is focused on global problems that can be solved locally.