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C. R. Denham, II, MD
CEO, HCC Corporation
Chairman, TMIT
Austin, TX

Dr. Denham launched the Global Patient Safety Forum with other global leaders in healthcare including Dr. Thomas Zeltner, the former health minister of Switzerland and other quality leaders from the Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic, and Harvard affiliated hospitals who all are asked to serve audiences outside of the United States.

Denham and the other leaders from clinical, operational, administrative, legal, human resources, and policy areas have convened to communicate very important patient safety information that crosses all borders. As a practicing radiotherapist in the U.S., Dr. Denham had learned the critical role of education when it came to radiation safety for caregivers and patients. The founders of the Global Patient Safety Forum seek to meet the needs of both industrialized nations and emerging nations as is addressed by the work in the 5 Rights of Imaging found on this website.

Dr. Denham has taught innovation R&D and performance improvement of products, services, and technologies both in the US and abroad. Although he started his career as a doctor in private practice, his work in quality with the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, National Quality Forum, and Premier Innovation Institute prompted invitations to join academic work in performance improvement. As a Professor of Health Engineering adjunct faculty at the at the Mayo Clinic medical school with duel teaching appointments at the Harvard schools of public health and school of medicine, he has worked with educators and researchers from across the globe.

After serving as an associate editor with a wide following of his articles, he was appointed the Editor and Chief of the Journal of Patient Safety and has produced more than 100 works including peer reviewed articles and multimedia productions. Through a national R&D testbed in the US, his not for profit organization is in its 10th year of leading more than 100 international web programs. Two feature length movies globally broadcasted through Discovery Europe and international partners have brought quality improvement information to caregivers and consumers. The films have featured the critical work led and supported by the World Health Organization in Geneva.

The purpose of the Global Patient Safety Forum will be to continue to serve international audiences with information and media that may have been produced in the United States and been refined for global audiences.

One of the latest areas of focus by Denham and the GPSF team are in pre-hospital care of the most common causes of death that can be delivered by non-clinical family members and the public before emergency services arrives. The Medical Tactical program developed by the group will be addressing the leading causes of death to children, youth, and adults in the workforce years.

A second research area is in the domain of healthcare fraud including that which may be undertaken by caregivers, administrators, academics, or journalists in the healthcare and life sciences sectors. Trust is at an all-time low in caregivers, patients, and young faculty who are battling for their very families lives. The frontline research involves active reputational and rescue initiatives of the careers of caregivers in multiple communities.

The goal of Dr. Denham and the leadership team are to address systems issues and especially insider and outsider threats that can be minimized through prevention, preparedness, protection, and performance improvement practices.

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