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Mace Wolf
CEO, Cognify, Inc.
Laguna Beach, CA, USA

Mace Wolf began his career as the creator of the first Windows based practice management systems for medicine in 1992. These solutions were being deployed at several university hospitals and large physician practices including those of Temple University and the University of Arizona by 1994. Mace’s EDI expertise had him creating the singular EDI client software and protocols for Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Northern California by 1995. He then obtained several database patents pertinent to large datasets and analytics.

Today, Mace is focused on the convergence of risk management and healthcare delivery. Current customers include over 30 Medicare Advantage plans, most of which are focused on end-of-life care for dual eligibles in addition to several physician groups, ten PACE companies, a hospice, licensed homecare agencies, and a vision plan. At Cognify, Mace is responsible for everything from financial and claims adjudication systems to electronic health records, enrollment, medication management, logistics systems, and government mandated data collection, submission, compliance and analytics.

Mace is also the developer of a unique fda approved dosage management system for an international pharmaceutical company and is also the inventor of several privacy management patents pending. He is a leader of integration and the system development serving CareUniversity and its initiatives that serve both consumers and caregivers.

He spends his life at the leading edge of healthcare delivery, quality, risk management, and patient safety.

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