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Global Innovators Network


This website is operated by and curated by the Texas Medical Institute of Technology located in Austin, Texas. The content is generated in collaboration with HCC Corporation and initiatives including but not limited to CareUniversity®.

The Global Patient Safety Forum and Global Innovators Network are purely communication vehicles for their collaborators and do not hold themselves out to be businesses or enterprises on their own.

None of the educational information provided on this site is for sale or requires any form of commitment other than adherence to copyright law if used for external purposes.

CareUniversity is not a college or university. It is a content developer and it partners with higher Education institutions who will award college credit and track certificates of participation.

All of the collaborators found on this website are responsible for their own content. Depending on the nature of the information provided, they have made declarations of their conflicts of interest.

For further information, contact DisclosureIssues@tmit1.org.
Global Patient Safety Forum

The GPSF is a convening alliance with a mission to save lives, save money, and build value in the community it serves.  The Forum was expressly founded to make available important content that the collaborators want to share more broadly. This website is not intended to compete with any other initiative and will meet its objectives if collaborators and those interested in the topics share the information with their communities. There is no financial requirement of users of the site.

Global Innovators Network

We are a global network of leaders from academia, industry, government, NGOs, philanthropy, and faith-based organizations who are collaborating on best practices in leadership of innovation. Spawned to meet the global needs of innovators in healthcare and patient safety, our work has expanded to multiple sectors with a focus on mentorship and development of great leaders. There is no specific commercial purpose of this website and no required financial relationship between the collaborators. The information available through this website is entirely free.